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This is the Leave A Link page. Here you can leave any link to any site you choose. Simply select the most appropriate category and enter the information. When you hit the 'ADD' button you will be automatically returned to this page and your URL should appear. If it doesn't Reload or Refresh your browser. X rated sites are not permitted. All objectionable links and sites written in ALL CAPS will be removed ASAP. Please post your site only once - duplication of sites is not permitted and all versions will be removed. Anything that looks like spam will also be removed ASAP.

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As you browse if you come upon an interesting page copy* its URL and place it here. Then you can share it with a great many people, and you can access it when you are not at your own computer.

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*Click in your browser's address bar to highlight the URL field. Go to the edit menu and click on copy, or simply press Control and the 'c' key at the same time. Then click in the 'URL:' field on this page and select 'paste' from the edit menu or press Control and the 'v' key on your keyboard at the same time.