The City of Bandon is a small town on the Southern Oregon Coast, located just south of the estuary formed by the Coquille River and the Pacific Ocean. With a population of several thousand, it lies on US Highway 101 which is the main artery in and out. . .

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Bandon with its maritime climate and natural beauty  does a brisk trade in tourism. All kinds of shops and restaurants abound and the surrounding area supports many  artists who supply the local galleries, and gift shops.
Below you will find numerous websites of local merchants, restaurants, motels, shops and artists along with a brief description. A number of Bandon's premier realtors are also listed. Sites are listed alphabetically.

Care to learn about some history of the Bandon area? Then  read
The Crow's Nest ,  a column by Dick Hancock whose family ties in Bandon go back to the late 1800's

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This is your guide to Bandon OR.

Bandon Fitness Center........full service and visitors welcome

Best Western Inn at Face Rock....Bandon's only full service resort

Cobbler's Bench ......leather goods, purses, shoes and clothes

David L. Davis Real Estate ............celebrating our 35th  year

Gold Coast Properties.....complete knowledge of the market

Inn at Old Town .........across the street from historic Old Town

Jetty House .................................vacation rental on the beach

Mother's Natural Grocery & Deli food, herbs and dining

Sunset Oceanfront Accommodations...spectacular ocean views

Windermere Motel ......comfort, privacy, new units on the beach

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Bandon your opinion on local events

Classified and sell, advertise and seek local services

The Crow's Nest....a column dedicated to the history of Bandon

Local Weather.....and forecast for the next 5 days

Ci.Bandon.Or.Us ........the Municipal Website for Bandon, Oregon


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